Redda + operates with the complete carbon credit market cycle through a responsible and humane approach, empowering people who care for the planet.

Our reason

For planet Earth, for nature, indigenous peoples, and traditional communities, greenhouse gas emissions, and the way we live.

We are a company created to put us into action and out of our collective complacency regarding the climate crisis.

We view life as a system, recognizing the systemic nature of our challenges and solutions.

We realize that a few individuals or companies will not solve the problem; we must rely on a whole community. So, above all, REDDA + is made by people.

We are convinced that people will lead us back.

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How we intend to be part of the climate solution

REDDA + operates in environmental REDD+ projects (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) to preserve and restore the Brazilian Amazon ecosystem.

We perform 100% Brazilian project management that can improve the planet´s present and future; we seek to provide sustainable growth and produce a more transparent carbon market.

Our projects have environmental, economic, social, and cultural coverage and transparently support all of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We do this by promoting:


Sustainable social development


Forest preservation and restoration


Reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere


Restoring fauna
and flora


Restoring water bodies

Who are the protagonists in this story: Traditional communities in the Brazilian Amazon.

Our fundamental intention is to promote quality of life through environmental projects linked to preserving nature and REDD mechanisms, ensuring the sustainable use of forest resources.

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Address: Tv Rui Barbosa, 1049, Bairro Reduto, CEP: 66053-260, Cidade de Belém, Estado do Pará


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